My friends a NYC carriage driver and he can tell you first hand we do treat our horses like royalty. This is our arch nemesis,

Edita Birnkrant who is head of NYCLASS, a corrupt animal rights organization that bought the mayor through Steve Nislick who owns Manhattan Minhe Storage and wants the very valuable land where the 4 stables are located (incidentally, in the same urban area called Hell’s Kitchen that the police horses live, except they had the money to build state of the art stables inside the Mercedes building with apartments above it, which incidentally doesn’t have ideal ventilation for the horses since there’s no way to get a cross breeze in there).

Nislick saw us as an easy target in this day and age so teamed up with animal rights to get what he wants. We are the most highly regulated industry in the country with our horses. 9 hour shifts maximum per 24 hour period, a minimum 3 inch bedding in all box stalls, unlimited hay and water, 24 hour stable care, a minimum 5 weeks vacation on a farm for our horses (which incidentally is where they get injured the most, IN PASTURE where they are not supervised and protected). he could go on and on. It is heartbreaking.

He spend hours and hours and hours every day working with these amazing horses and caring for them and sharing them with the public. He absolutely love his job and the horses and Central Park. These animal rights people are the most horrible people ever to walk the planet.