Kids have preferences, just like us adults. Mom might have listened to Biggie while kiddo was in the womb, so she associates it with something calming, including being “rocked” in mama’s womb, mom’s heartbeat, etc. Humans are fascinating beings!

I must agree, to certain level, that being in a mother’s womb, can definitely, play a role in a child’s life. I recall when my niece was born, she cried heavily, because she experienced, heavy noise. At 2 years old, she still cried on go in a hiding┬áspot, when she listened to that heavy metallic, groining, blasting sound. Now we know, the reason for that, disturbance. Her father, has drive, with his pregnant wife, on a very noisy motorcycle.

When Ellen was pregnant with her daughter she worked for a local music store. They had to play the current releases over and over all day long. At that time it was one of the Ozzy Osbourne releases + She went to the Ozzy concert when She was 5 months pregnant w/her. When she was a baby that was the only cd that she would soothe her, not even a bottle could do that.