People bashing low trucks. At least this truck has a use. It was built for auto-cross. I would much rather have a lowered truck with an intention in mind than one of those jacked up tiny mall crawlers.

If it’s 2 wheel drive. Lowering is the only way to go. If it’s 4 wheel drive lifting it is the only way to go. You should never ever ever lower a 4WD or lift a 2WD(unless you intend to convert it to a 4×4)

Maybe the guy likes the features and styling of the super duty and loves bagged trucks. Or even better maybe he just enjoys listening to people who most likely can’t even afford the monthly payment on a brand new f350 platinum complain about how he ruined a truck that can still pull and most definitely rides better than the clapped out boxes most of the keyboard soldiers have. TO EACH THERE OWN. Killer ride man. Btw pay close attention to all the subtle details. Jimmy’s Rods and Customs never disappoints..