I think its bizzare when people say stupid things like free the horses or cattle or any other animals simply because who the hell is going to house and feed them ,no one that’s the answer they would be left to roam free ,imagine the chaos in new York if u had horses running around doing as they wish ,too all the people complaining I’ll ask a simple question how many horses cattle etc are u personally going to look after none is the answer if u live in a city ,if not then how many horses would u pay to have looked after the answer is none again.

if u are prepared to do neither off these things then u are a hypocrite ,because what your suggesting is I don’t like the way these animals are treated but I’m going to do bugger all personally to solve it I’ll leave that up to someone else to actually do all the hard work while I sit in my new York apartment complaining and actually doing sod all to solve the problem.

They believe that it is inherently cruel for a horse to pull a carriage or be used for any kind of work at all. This organization is openly associated with PETA whose end goal is the separation/extinction of all animals from people, especially domesticated animals. PETA incidentally euthanizes 90+% of the animals it takes in, and is pro-slaughter of horses.

Plus, there are huge political payoffs going on between real estate mogul Nislick, Mayor deBlasio, and NYCLASS (of which Nislick is co-founder). Nislick wants the very valuable land where the stables are located in Hell’s Kitchen, the fastest developing area for real estate and saw us as an easy target since the uneducated masses are easily swayed. He is currently paying $50k a month into this special interest group against us. By the way, his family owned eventing horses — they don’t get turnout either and FAR more eventing horses die every year than carriage horses!